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Profession: Network Engineer and frustrated writer/artist/director.

Height: Five feet seven.

Distinguishing marks: a tattoo on my right shoulder blade; a scar on the back of my head and a birthmark on my left thigh.

Allergies: penicillin.

A smell that makes you pause: swamp.

A taste that makes you melt: watermelon.

A hobby that occupies your time: hashing.

A city you'd like to visit: Rio de Janeiro.

A country you'd like to explore: Peru.

Your favorite meal: burritos.

A drink you order most often: water.

A delicious dessert: cheesecake.

A book you highly recommend: The Endurance.

The music you prefer while alone: swing.

A film you could watch over and over: Casablanca.

Your favorite time of the day: mornings just after waking up, when the day can still take any course.

Your favorite place to sit at home: in bed, with a cat next to me.

Your stuff:

You live in a(n): old bungalow.

Your transportation: 1996 Geo Tracker, 2002 Esarati electric motorcycle.

You approx. annual income: $52,000

When you sleep, you wear: a t-shirt and jockey shorts. Sometimes nothing, but usually I can't abide the free-ballin'.

Things you like to buy: love.

If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: a clue.

You collect: comic books, glass scientific vessels, books, books, books.

Your strangest possession: a globe of Mars. No? Then how about my straitjacket?

Your most expensive possession: my house.

Your Morals

What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner cheated on you: More desperate sadness and confusion than anger.

Your religion and views of the world

Do you believe in God?: no.

What religion were you raised with: Disciples of Christ (basically liberal Baptists).

Death is: oblivion.

How you picture the end of the world: cold and barren. But humans will have moved on to other worlds by then.

Does life exist on other planets?: Almost certainly.

Have they made contact with us: Almost certainly not.

Do you believe we come from Adam and Eve: no.

Do you believe in astrology: no.

Do you read your horoscope: no.

Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist: Yes.

If reincarnation does exist, you'd like to come back as: a girl.

Your opinions

The right to have an abortion: Yes.

The right to own guns: no.

The death penalty: opposed.

Legalization of drugs: marijuana and LSD. Not cocaine or heroin.

Equal rights for homosexuals: Yes.

The practice of premarital sex: I'll consider all reasonable offers.

The minimum punishment for those who molest children: don't punish, treat; anyone that sick in mind needs help.

The minimum punishment for those who rape: longer than Mke Tyson got, for sure.

You would fight in a war if: the opportunity had come up (I'm a veteran).

The environmental issue that concerns you most: Deforestation and habitat encroachment.

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