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I think I had a good therapy session yesterday, but the jury's still out. My insurance only gives me 20 visits per year; I've already been seven times and I feel like we've barely gotten started. I don't know if that's my fault or my therapist's, or nobody's, but it's still frustrating. Maybe I've been messed up for twenty years or more, but I want to get better NOW!

Michelle Branch was great, even though I generally don't like going to see live music. The opening band, Transmatic, was utterly unremarkable. Michelle got started a little after nine.

This was the last date on her tour, and the poor girl must have been exhausted. She told us she'd flown back from performing in the Bahamas that morning, and I know she'd done a free performance at Discover Mills at 6 p.m. (40+ miles away) before coming all the way back into town for her concert at the Cotton Club.

But she didn't let on; she was energetic and cheerful and bounced all over the stage.

Of course, she's only 18 years old.

Ryan went with me. He'd never heard of Michelle Branch, although when she performed "Everywhere" and "All You Wanted" he said they sounded familiar. He said he really liked her, so I was glad of that; I'd bought the tickets, and I feel awful asking someone to pay for his ticket when he didn't care for the performance.

Which reminds me of a few years ago, when Shonen Knife came to town to play at Masquerade. I bought two tickets way in advance, assuming I'd be able to find a date in time. I didn't, and so invited Stephano at the last minute. Stephano's chronically dirt-poor, so there was never any question of him paying for his ticket. And I don't think he liked them much anyway. The venue was only about half-full, and it wasn't a big venue either, so Shonen Knife probably won't ever come back to Atlanta. That's a damn shame.

Anyway, after Michelle Branch Ryan and I walked back to his loft, where my car was, and it was bitter, bitter cold. And it has remained so since. Hard to believe it was in the 60s on Sunday and I was running in shorts.

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