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Saturday afternoon (February 23rd) I went to the Center for Puppetry Arts to pick up an application for this year's Xperimental Puppetry Theater, which is at the end of May. I did an XPT project in 1997 that I was really proud of, but for some reason I've never tried hard to do another one.

This year I have a really good idea, so I wanted to get the application and then knock their socks off with my proposal.

But it turns out the application deadline was: Saturday, February 23rd. Shit! The guy at the ticket office told me no one else had returned an application yet, so I'm still going to pound it out this morning and run over to the Center with it at lunchtime. They'll probably accept it, but I won't have a script ready, which diminishes my chances of being selected. Shit!

In other news, I ran twelve miles yesterday. The last mile was really hard, but I recited my mantra and got through it. And my ankle tendinitis didn't bother me at all. I now feel secure enough in my training to go ahead and register for Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon. That's the first weekend in May.

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