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I don't understand the Home Despot sometimes. I'm laying ceramic tile (obligatory sex jokes: "...and it's really cold!" "...and the trowel scraped my johnson!") in my lab, so I went to buy some Thinset mortar at the new 'Despot over on Ponce.

I've bought it before, and always got the 15-pound boxes. This time, however, I noticed 50-pound bags of the same stuff. I flagged down an orange apron to make sure the bag has exactly the same stuff as the box.

This is weird in the extreme, because the 15-pound boxes cost about $6, while the 50-pound bags cost around $4! Isn't that bizarre? That's like going to the movies and ordering a large soda for $2.50, or getting an extra-large for $2.00.

Volume discounts just don't make any sense to me when they get to this extreme.
terracinque: (bridesmaid revisited)
It's 2:26 on Friday, and work is even more boring than it usually is on a Friday.

This place is like a ghost town.

A tumbleweed just rolled past my cube.

I'm so bored I don't even want to surf the Web or SDMB anymore; I just want to get out of here and do...what? I don't even have any plans for the weekend yet.

I really need to lay some tile in the Lab tonight, but...laying tile on a Friday night? How lame is that?

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