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I'm not dressing up today. In fact, I'm staying away from home until after ten, so I don't have to pass out candy either. That's right, I'm a Hallowe'en Scrooge.

But I did go to a party on Saturday: The Atlanta Hash's annual Hallowe'en Home Crawl.

Since I already shave my head, I also shaved my facial hair, then painted my head and hands with blue food coloring and went as a blue man from Blue Man Group.

A cheap but effective costume, although I was annoyed that most people recognized me, not from the brilliant, funny performance art Blue Man Group does (I saw them in Vegas last year), but rather from their Pentium commercials. Arrgh!

My friend Gary went as a very convincing Jed Clampett. So much so, that when he approached me and said hello, I momentarily thought "who is this Jed Clampett speaking to me in Gary's voice?"

Ron was by far the funniest with his pimp costume. It looked like purple velour, trimmed in zebra print, with a matching hat. I don't know where he got it but I'm shopping there next year.

The only topical costume I remember was Susan's. She's a nurse in real life anyway, so it was somewhat appropriate that she showed up in medical/biohazard gear with "Cipro" and dose cups. The "Cipro" was really just a bottle full of mudslides.

(I told her I felt like I was developing a touch of anthrax, and she happily administered the antidote.)

Much sicker topical costumes were possible, and with this crowd none of them would have surprised me. It was this same party two years ago, for example, that saw at least three Payne Stewarts with icicles poking out below their tam o'shanters. And that was just days after the guy had died.

But I suppose even hashers were intelligent and sensitive enough not to come dressed as a fiery World Trade Center tower or an Arab with a box cutter. Or at least, knew they'd get the shit beaten out of them if they did.

Hallowe'en is still my favorite holiday. It doesn't get the recognition it deserves as an adult holiday. Kids play make-believe all the time, so Hallowe'en really isn't a big deal to them, except for the condoned candy consumption.

Adults rarely get other opportunities to step outside themselves. And we need to step outside ourselves. Perhaps we even need to explore the darkness from time to time. I think we'd all be healthier for it.

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