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I'm really looking forward to Fantasm this year, even though I don't know anyone, don't have any appropriate costumes and don't have any money to spend.

I'd never heard of it last year when I got an anonymous email promoting it. Maybe it was spam, but I followed the link anyway and was interested enough to risk fifteen bucks to check it out.

I liked:

  • The laid-back and unhurried atmosphere, so different from Dragoncon.
  • The absence of pedophiles among the management of the con, again unlike Dragoncon.
  • The pretty goth girls in their leather, latex or BDSM costumes.
  • Readings by Cecelia Tan et al.
  • The Slave Auction.
  • The Freak Track.
  • Seeing Free Enterprise in the movie room.
  • Liquid Latex in all its manifestations.

I didn't care for:

  • My preregistration by credit card getting lost into the ether (although one of the staff remembered seeing my name, so I wasn't made to pay again)
  • The obsession with exotic, faux-poisonous mixed drinks. A bottle of vodka or six beers will get you there just as quickly, folks.
  • All the vampire-related stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, vampires are so played!
  • The fact that they lost money. How was this possible? So little money seemed to have been spent in the first place, I have to wonder if the show is really badly managed.

Is anyone out there also going this year? Shout out!

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