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I just sent the following email to Best Buy via the "Contact Us" form at their website:

Why have you named Best Buy #896 the "Midtown Atlanta" store? It is not in Midtown. It is miles away from Midtown. It is in Edgewood; in fact the name of the shopping center it's in is the "Edgewood Retail District."

Atlanta's neighborhoods have worked hard to establish unique identities for themselves, and when retailers ignore these distinctions it shows a lack of respect and sensitivity - in this case, to both the Midtown _and_ Edgewood neighborhoods.

The new Edgewood Retail District Lowe's, which is across the parking lot from Best Buy #896, initially called itself the "Midtown" Lowe's as well. After complaints from many local consumers and residential associations, Lowe's changed its designation to "Edgewood."

I wish Best Buy had noted their example; it would have saved everyone some annoyance.

Also, I just got off the phone with someone I found at their 888 number. I told her everything I'd said in the email, and she was flummoxed. This was the first she'd heard about this matter.

She listened with interest to everything I had to say, and said she was writing it down and would "research this." She also took my phone number.

"So you'll call me back when you've learned something?" I asked.

"No, this phone is inbound-only." She explicitly said she will not call me back, despite taking my phone number, but she gave me a case number. Whoopty-do.

She did encourage me to call the corporate offices at (612) 291-1000. I may.
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