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First of all, the hash on Saturday went very, very wrong, and I ended up running for over two and a half hours, completely alone for the last hour.

Sunday I got up at 8:30 (I'd set my alarm for 9:30, but by 8:30 I couldn't spend another moment in bed, even though I'd gone to bed at 1:30 the night before). I folded laundry while watching Citizen Kane with Peter Bogdanovich's commentary turned on, then I went to the Black Sheep hash.

It was fairly long trail, with several tunnels crisscrossing under I-75 (I hit my head going through one of them, and have a nasty knot on top to show for it), some railroad tracks, some woods and some creeks, but no swamp for a change. It would have been a tough run even if I wasn't still tired and sore from the day before, which I was.

Then, of course, I went to Amy Baratt's Oscar party. I usually don't do these, but Seren was going to be there, so we could talk about the script (looks like she'll be my second puppeteer). Plus, Amy had a winners pool, and whoever picked the most winners took home $55.

I stayed to the bitter end. Seren hadn't read the script, but it was good to see her anyway (she's so pretty and sweet! too bad she's a Christian). I picked 13 winners, which was more than Amy, Stacey, Jen, David, Seren, Nicole, Patrick, Scott or Jim...but not more than Larry, who picked 14. D'oh! So close, but horseshoes and hand grenades.

So I was up until 1:30 or so, then went to bed, then had to get up again this morning to come to work. I'm knackered, as our Brit friends would say.

There is no good reason for the Oscars broadcast to last so long. A few years ago they instituted a time limit for acceptance speeches, but this just seems to have given them more time to waste on other pointless interstitial shit. Like performing all five nominated songs, and letting Streisand on stage at all.

That said, I thought it was wonderful they were able to convince Woody Allen to show up for the first time ever, and I enjoyed the montage of New York-made movies he introduced, even if it was put together by Nora Ephron.

And even though they didn't include the helicopter shot from the opening of Working Girl, which I think would have been moving and appropriate.

Date: 2002-03-25 06:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] crankyasanoldma.livejournal.com
I have problem with giving people time to read an acceptance speech. For god's sake, it's their moment! But the other stuff IS obnoxious. Barbra was so awful:

"He's.... [pause as if searching for the right word, never mind that this thing was written for you] Interesting.... [pause, tip head to side dramatically]... He's interestED..."


Date: 2002-03-25 09:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] terracinque.livejournal.com
Barbra's always awful. I've never understood the entertainment Powers That Be's obsession with deifying her, and giving her every award they can contrive a reason for.

I hate her.

I have a stupid question....

Date: 2002-03-25 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alera.livejournal.com
What is a hash?

Is it like a hash brown?

(It sounds like some sort of running trail thing, but I'm not sure.)

Date: 2002-03-26 06:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] terracinque.livejournal.com
It's not a stupid question, and your guess was pretty close. Go to here and here for details, but simply put, someone marks a trail, a bunch of others run it, and at the end everyone drinks beer. Except I'm not drinking these days, but it's still big fun.
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